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Minimize Your Risk & Maximize Your Gain

Our software automates the development of safety and risk control programs empowering you to qualify for the best insurance rates and enabling insurance carriers to offer their most competitive prices.

How It Works

1. Assess

The self-assessment tool is a free, easy-to-use interactive app that gives real-time feedback. The average assessment takes just 15 minutes.

2. Improve

Instantly access your recommendations and risk score. This provides a roadmap for improving your risk score and report.

3. Share

Updating your recommendations improves your score and report. Share your risk report with your agent to get a more accurate quote and your insurance company to qualify for the best rates.

Little Efforts, Big Gains!

Develop Risk Control Programs In No Time

  • Spend minutes instead of hours assessing your risk.
  • Produce a Risk Report in seconds
  • Spend minutes instead of months developing policies.

Ultimately proactive safety programs reduce the likelihood of claims which impact your premiums.

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The Risk & Safety Solution
For The Small Business Owner

An app designed for you, the small business owner, to develop your risk control and safety programs, empowering you to qualify for the best rates!


We make it simple. In just 15 minutes (on average), assess your company's risk using our self-assessment tool. Includes a customized risk score.


By answering a few questions, our app generates recommendations for improvement. This enables you to identify hazards and take actionable steps to mitigate them, reducing your risk and helping you qualify for the best commercial insurance rates.

Policy Builder

No more spending months and endless meetings developing safety and risk management policies. The Self-Assessment tool determines your needed policies, and the Smarter Risk Manager generates them for you!

Forms Library

No more searching the web for safety and risk management forms. The Smarter Risk Manager has a library of over 140 forms, approved by safety and risk professionals.

Run Victory Laps

Implement recommendations to improve your risk score and report. Generate your risk report to document your proactive risk program!

Share Report

You did it! Now print or export your report to share with your agent to get a more accurate quote and your carrier to qualify for the best rates.

Making Your Business
A Smarter Risk

In 2021, companies spent $38 billion on Worker's Compensation. They spent an additional $100 billion dollars on property, liability, and fleet insurance. The Smarter Risk platform can show you how to make your business a smarter risk.

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