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No Compromises

In the small commercial market, underwriters regularly grapple with the challenge of conducting risk assessments frequently enough to manage loss ratios while adhering to strict budgetary limits. With Smarter Risk, there is no more compromising.

Lower Risk, Increase Profits

The balance is precarious for insurance providers: overspending on risk control can chip away at profitability, while inadequate assessments might lead to increased risk exposure. With Smarter Risk, you can increase the frequency of assessments, all while staying within the budget.

Problem Solved

Our app delivers a fast, simple, cost-effective risk control solution for the small commercial market. Engineered for efficiency, it automates cumbersome tasks, substantially lowering time and cost requirements. This enhanced efficiency enables more frequent risk assessments, optimizing loss ratios while keeping your expense ratio in check. Our process is simple:

1. Place an order in just 30 seconds.
2. Insureds (or prospects) finish self-assessments in 15 minutes.
3. Immediately access the Risk Report.

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Experience Dynamic

Move beyond traditional, static risk reporting. Our real-time updates offer a dynamic and comprehensive view of insured risks, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Market Potential

Realize the untapped potential of the small commercial market. Minimize risks and offer more competitive quotes!

Increase Efficiency

For insurers, operational efficiency is key. Our platform simplifies the complexities of risk control, delivering data quickly and effectively.

Improve Engagement

Our app significantly enhances the insured's active participation in risk control. This approach boosts safety, minimizes risks, and creates a dynamic partnership that promotes safer businesses.


Start experiencing the benefits Smarter Risk in just 15 minutes. Our cloud-based platform is designed for swift integration and ease of use.

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