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Our platform is designed to revolutionize how you assist your clients in understanding and managing their risks. It offers a fast, cost-effective turnkey solution tailored to small businesses. Our app streamlines the entire process, from risk assessment to implementation of control measures, providing your clients with the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Elevate your Agency with a complete risk management solution that enhances client safety and optimizes risk control efforts.

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A powerful tool for preventing chaos, rate increases, and cancellations.

Advanced Risk Control is all about clearly understanding your client's risk before the submission process begins and providing resources to help improve their risk. This opens the door to more options and better pricing for them, as well as easier placements and increased business for you.

Safeguard Against Lost Commissions

Avoid cancellations stemming from poor risk assessments or having to scramble to place them with another insurer.

Risk Assessments

Our app is built for speed. 30 seconds to order. Clients complete in an average of 15 minutes.

Your Competitive

With a Risk Control first approach, create loyal customers and surpass competitors through comprehensive risk management solutions.

Satisfied Clients,
Long-Term Customers

Clients with fewer claims and better rates are less likely to shop and more likely to renew year after year.

Enhance Your
Book of Business

Improve loss ratios! Help your clients protect their businesses while enhancing your book of business.

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