Smarter Risk Announces Partnership with Alabama Associated General Contractors to Enhance Risk Management for Policyholders

Winston-Salem, NC 2.19.2024 - Smarter Risk, a leading innovator in digital risk control solutions, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Alabama Associated General Contractors (AGC), a prominent provider of workers’ compensation and commercial insurance for contractors. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way policyholders approach risk management.

Through this partnership, AGC’s clients will gain access to Smarter Risk’s cutting-edge online platform and mobile application. Smarter Risk’s app-based risk assessment tool enables policyholders to conduct comprehensive risk evaluations in as little as 7 minutes. A tailored risk control plan is instantly generated from the completed assessment, providing actionable insights for immediate implementation.

A key feature of this collaboration is the shared access to Dynamic Risk Reports. Both AGC’s loss control staff and the policyholders will have access to these detailed reports. This not only expedites the risk management process but also fosters greater collaboration between AGC and its clients. The result is a more efficient, convenient, and effective risk management experience, leading to significantly improved outcomes for all parties.

“Partnering with AGC aligns perfectly with our mission at Smarter Risk, to make risk control more accessible and effective for everyone,” said John Morlan, Founder and CEO of Smarter Risk. “Our innovative platform is designed to simplify the complex process of risk control, providing AGC’s clients with the tools they need to manage their risks proactively.”

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About Smarter Risk:

Smarter Risk is a leading online platform specializing in innovative risk control solutions. Their advanced app-based tools empower businesses, insurers, and agencies to effectively measure, manage, and mitigate risks proactively.

About Alabama Associated General Contractors:

The Alabama Associated General Contractors (AGC) is the oldest and largest trade association representing the non-residential construction industry, providing comprehensive workers’ compensation and commercial insurance solutions to contractors in Alabama. AGC is committed to supporting the growth and success of the construction community through innovative insurance and risk management services.

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John Morlan

Founder / CEO

Smarter Risk